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My name is Tilly Pegrum. I am a Norwegian/English artist currently situated in Seville, Spain. I am a painter, working mainly with aquarelle, acrylic, oils and markers. My work is about people, about our relation to each other and to ourselves. I am fascinated by what impressions we leave on others and the stories a stranger can tell.


As a kid I would often play a game with my friends where the aim was to invent a fictive story about strangers based only on what we could see. Today, I play with the same approach when forming the subjects of my work. What clues, tools and pieces can I present to the viewer to help them shape an impression of the subject, as well as of my piece of art. The subjects are based on the people I have encountered and the people I imagine meeting. 


My work is about the stories we tell from the mundane stage, the performance and poses that subtly imply or loudly exclaim attributes and qualities that define us. It is about the exterior clues that may or may not be saying something about our interiors. The work is light hearted and fun, but can also reveal truths about the mundane human existence.

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The art of anyone:
ART gatherings and workshops

I strongly believe in the importance of art and creativity as a therapeutic practice, both in introspective and outward-looking ways. Also simply as a beautiful joyful activity! And I wish to share this with others:

I am organising Art Gatherings based in Sevilla to encourage and promote art making and creativity with an aim to break down the obstacles we may be faced with when handed a blank canvas or piece of paper.

Please get in touch for more info about this -

it is FREE, and anyone is welcome to join, no previous experience with art and art making is needed.

Let's Make Art!

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