Tilly Pegrum is is a Norwegian/English artist. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art and Art History at Manchester School of art in 2019. After completing her degree she moved to Lisbon, Portugal and recently to Seville, Spain where she continues exploring themes surrounding existentialism, human behaviours and the mundane through her figurative paintings.

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The art of anyone:
ART gatherings and workshops

I strongly believe in the importance of art and creativity as a therapeutic practice, both in introspective and outward-looking ways. Also simply as a beautiful joyful activity! And I wish to share this with others:

I am organising Art Gatherings based in Sevilla to encourage and promote art making and creativity with an aim to break down the obstacles we may be faced with when handed a blank canvas or piece of paper.

Please get in touch for more info about this -

it is FREE, and anyone is welcome to join, no previous experience with art and art making is needed.

Let's Make Art!