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My name is Tilly Pegrum. I am a Norwegian/English artist currently situated in Lisbon, Portugal. I am principally a painter, working with a mix of mediums, but have more recently moved into the world of performance. The act usually still involves a brush and paint, but the focus lies more strongly in the process of creation in preference to the finished object.


My work is about people, about our relation to each other and to ourselves, based on the people i have encountered and the people i will only meet in dreams. The paintings are presentations of the mannerisms and facades that subtly imply or loudly exclaim attributes and qualities that define us. The subject is rooted in a fascination for what impressions we leave on others and the stories a stranger can tell. The work is light hearted and fun, but can also reveal truths about the mundane human existence.

I completed my Bachelor Degree in Fine Art and Art History at Manchester School of Art in 2019. SInce completing my degree I moved south and have been living in Portugal and Spain, where I continued my artistic practise.

Please reach out for collaborations and commissions!

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